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Learning to read is a little bit like learning to ride a bike — while you are balancing a person on the handle-bars, holding a pole, spinning plates, and focusing on the destination at the same time! Reading is a complicated process, which is why so many children struggle to become strong readers. You will find references to more in-depth information about ELLs and effective reading instruction from our Literacy Instruction section and Reading Rockets throughout the article, as well as in the Hotlinks below. Perhaps you have had a student who simply could not master a particular sound in English. Chances are good that that sound was not a part of the student’s native language, and so the student didn’t have the ability to produce that sound.

I experienced this when learning Sinhala in the Peace Corps. There was a “th” sound that seemed to be a combination “d” and “th,” and no matter how hard I tried, I could not hear or produce the sound correctly. I knew which words it belonged in, but I couldn’t say it. The native Sinhala speakers struggled to make sense of my pronunciation. ELLs may have similar difficulties with sounds that are not a part of their native language. Why it matters: Phonemic awareness is the foundation for spelling and word recognition skills. Students may not be able to “hear” or produce a new sound in a second language.

Students who cannot hear and work with the phonemes of spoken words will have a difficult time learning how to relate these phonemes to letters when they see them in written words. Spend a few minutes at the beginning of class or in small groups demonstrating and reinforcing the correct production of the sound. Have students practice identifying the sounds in the beginning, middle, and end of these words. One very effective method is having students match pictures of words that have the same beginning, middle, or ending sound. Be careful to use only words that students know in English! Students will benefit from learning and practicing sounds and symbols, including blended combinations. This is fairly common in the primary grades and ELLs may pick up the code very quickly and appear to be fairly proficient readers.

However, it’s important to remember that knowledge of phonics and decoding does not ensure good comprehension. Why it matters: Reading development is dependent on the understanding that letters and letter patterns represent the sounds of spoken language. Many educators believe that students only need to learn to read once. Once the concept of matching a symbol with a sound has been learned, it can be applied to new languages.

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Students who have learned to read in their native language have a distinct advantage because they were able to learn this concept with familiar sounds and words. It is difficult for students to distinguish phonetic components in new vocabulary words. Preteaching vocabulary is an important part of good phonics instruction with ELLs so that students aren’t trying to figure out new vocabulary items out of context. This can include using manipulatives such as counters, sound boxes, and magnetic letters.

Ask students to listen carefully and then write what they heard. This activity trains students to listen for the individual sounds in words and represent them phonetically in their writing. For students with strong native language literacy skills, help them understand that the process of sounding out words is the same across languages. Explain some letters may make the same or similar sounds in both languages.

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