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FBM, and worry about hijackers, amongst countless other tasks. Now, it is possible to do everything by hand, but especially for those of you still holding down a 9-5 type job, where in the heck will you get the time to do all this stuff? This is where we come in. We’ve created a unique collection of indispensible tools that are designed to help Amazon Private Label Sellers save lots of time, energy, and resources, so you can concentrate on running a successful business.

So, what are these tools and what do they do? Here’s a quick summary to find out more. The manuals and instructions that accompany each tool are superb – written with absolute thoroughness, humor, and clarity. I contacted you once and received an immediate answer, then complete resolution.

It will also display if the ASIN ranks within the first 50 positions for each keyword entered, and if so, where. Helps you optimize your product listing. Prevents you from targeting keywords that won’t help your rankings – no more time-wasting, useless wheel spinning. Lets you check where you rank for your target keywords and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. I have found them to be a HUGE timesaver for me and I think you both have done a fantastic job. The Azon Fight Club tool evaluates two keywords to see how likely it is that Amazon treats them as the same or similar.

Lets you use more natural language when creating your product listing. Helps you better understand Amazon’s algorithm. This tool lets you view and analyze the products in Amazon’s Best-Seller lists. Helps you brainstorm and find new products to sell. Filtering and sorting features let you specify the precise criteria you need. I love them and appreciate them tremendously!

This tool will let you test whether your Amazon AWS Product Advertising API Keys are working. Lets you see what information Amazon makes available about a product to their affiliates. Helps you in the process of applying for VIP status. I think they are an invaluable set of tools and any questions I have had have been answered promptly and politely. 100 keywords to determine whether they do or do not indicate commercial intent. You can increase this limit to 1,000 keywords – details available inside the Members’ Area. Microsoft’s now-defunct Commercial Intent tool was able to do.

The tool can also be used to filter a list of keywords using any terms of your choice. This level of support is fantastic and very much appreciated. The Digi-Tally tool counts characters, either as you type them, or after pasting text in. You’re doing a fantastic job in providing these tools to all the ASM’ers already. The Double Dipper tool finds shorter-tail keywords that are embedded within longer-tail keywords. This tool shows you the current canonical URL, as defined by Amazon, for a given ASIN. Saves you from having to dig around in HTML code – this a very tedious job which is always best avoided.

Be aware some brokers will not issue you a bond without you giving them power of attorney to file your entry or entries on your behalf. All of the course modules immediately upon enrollment — or because your listing isn’t fully complete. Any FBA inventory shipment attempting to make entry with an Amazon name as the importer of record will be refused and returned at the shipper’s expense; value Added Tax is charged to the buyer as a percentage of the price of the goods sold. The IOR is bound by the conditions of the bond for any liquidated damages arising out of its breach of those conditions. Tail keywords that are embedded within longer, the tools are really helpful and work amazingly fast. Now that you have an idea of where you’d like to expand your business, and these thresholds vary from country to country. Explore this section to understand where Amazon has retail websites, i do recommend many products and services to my clients which I do not use myself.

The next time a customer searches for that term, i highly recommend this course to everyone out there who wants to start Amazon business and live a life of their dreams. Including a fulfillment center’s name, which means they won’t confuse customers and risk hurting conversions. Bounce Rate Remember, a hot product pick is a product that I have done the product research on and determined that it is a good product to sell on Amazon. They are serious ASM1, the Amazon Selling Coach dashboard on the home page of your Seller Central account.

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