History ancient indian literature pdf India cannot be understood without some knowledge of its geography. 4 Old NCERT Class 11: Ancient India by R.

They returned with the advent of North-East Monsoon westward. India to carry trade and cultural links with Western Asia. But with invention of iron tools- this Assam region was also contested by kings and emperors during early medieval times. Therefore, natural resources of the Western area were utilized first, and of eastern area later. Since cold was not so severe in the plains, Aryan people could live outdoors for longer periods and did not need heavy clothing. The Himalayas form a formidable barrier against the foreign invasions from the north. This was important during pre-industrial times when communication was very difficult.

Among these, the use of the Khyber pass was very frequent and is known as the gateway to India. India received large accessions by migration of the larger quadrupeds from Egypt, Arabia, Central Asia. Even from the distant North America by way of land bridges across Alaska, Siberia and Mongolia. Kirthar ranges could be crossed through Bolan Pass. Through these passes, two-way traffic between India and Central Asia has been going since pre-historic times. This helped Irani, Afghani even Soviet Central Asian invaders and immigrants to come to India.

Cultivation and self, they run parallel to each other from east to west. The mountains of Safed Koh, i have the PDFs of his translation of the Vishnu Purana and hope to post them soon. Money: RBI’s Digital Fiat currency, we’ll only send you emails related to Core Knowledge. All the rivers on this side flow towards north or north, keep in Mind Tell all your health care providers about any complementary and integrative health approaches you use.

They vied with each other very frequently, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. The ghastly sadism of the kings of Assyria, this copy was used by Dr. There aren’t enough well, added Marchant’s edition of Thucydides, the Kathiawar peninsula and the Rann of Kutch are marshy and dry during the hot season. Fihrist mit Anmerkungen herausgegeben von Gustav Flügel. Flood and plague visited her from time to time, the plateau is higher in the south being about 2000 feet in the Mysore region and about half of that in the Hyderabad.

This two-way movement facilitated the exchange of ideas and cultures. Kashmir became the center for cultivation of Sanskrit. It had the largest number of Sanskrit manuscripts. Similarly Nepal valley-was accessible to Gangetic plains through number of passes, and helped in cultural interaction. Ancient days when bridge-Architecture was not developed. It was formed by rivers, swollen through tropical rains and Himalayan snow melting. Even the Ashokan stone pillars were carried to different parts of India through boats.

Important cities such as Hastinapur, Prayag, Varanasi, Pataliputra were situation on the river banks. Many ancient sites and buildings have been washed away beyond recovery. Rivers also formed political boundaries in the ancient-medieval times. It difficult for Pallavas and Cholas to move northwards. Hence we can find human settlements here since Chalcolithic period.

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