Transportation network companies have been noted for ap stylebook pdf 2016 free service in less populated or poorer areas that are not regularly served by taxicabs, and charging lower rates than taxicabs, since taxicab rates are often set by local jurisdictions. Studies are inconclusive on whether TNCs reduce drunk driving rates in cities where they operate.

A March 2016 study by Judd Cramer and Alan B. However, some have criticized TNCs as avoiding government regulation. In 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission defined, for regulatory purposes, a transportation network company as a company that uses an online-enabled platform to connect passengers with drivers using their personal, non-commercial vehicles. Virginia defines a TNC as a company that “provides prearranged rides for compensation using a digital platform that connects passengers with drivers using a personal vehicle. Other states have also regulated TNCs, including Massachusetts.

TNC platforms have sometimes been called “ridesharing”, but the terms “ridesourcing” and “ride hailing” have been developed to describe the transportation services associated with TNCs. Some early reports used the term “ridesourcing” to clarify that drivers do not share a destination with their passengers and that the driver’s primary motivation was income. Taxi industry groups, labor unions, and some courts say that TNCs are illegal taxicab operations. TNCs increase traffic congestion in some cities, due to the large number of TNC vehicles constantly cruising waiting for customers. Reports based on New York City data suggest that TNCs are unsustainable. Uber is here to stay, and that’s a good thing”. Uber Serves the Poor by Going Where Taxis Don’t”.

California’s New Rules Could Change The Rideshare Game”. But is Uber good for New York? The gig-economy: Uber good or Uber bad? Uber Prevents Drunk Driving: Advantage Over Taxis”.

Disruptive Change in the Taxi Business: The Case of Uber”. App-Based, On-Demand Ride Services: Comparing Taxi and Ridesourcing Trips and User Characteristics in San Francisco”. University of California Transportation Center, 2014. California Becomes First State To Regulate Ridesharing Services Lyft, Sidecar, UberX”. For-profit ridesharing, driver strategies, and VMT”.

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