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The permissions on the file or directory are incorrect. Consisting of  3each 787MW power blocks. Each power block consists of two GE 9FA 255. 5MW Gas Turbines Generator Sets  and one GE 276MW D10 steam turbine generator.

This included the substation, all materials, auxiliaries, and other small equipment. 36MW Power Plant 3 x 12MW Hyundai Sulzer 18ZA40S diesel engine generating sets 50Hz. Commissioned in 1996 with 150,000 total hours on each unit. The plant is being sold for removal from the existing site.

The plant is in good operating condition. Comprised of 3 each 4MW Deutz natural gas engine generators, 400 V, 50Hz. Also included a MWM 4MW steam boiler for hot water production to 85 degrees and a dedicated boiler for steam generating. 7MW GTG CC Plant for Sale.

8 MWSolar Mars Gas Turbine Generator and a 2. 9MW KKK-PASCH Steam Turbine and Foster Wheeler Generator. Asking 550,000 Euros for the entire plant. 2001 and at only 8,000 operating hours. 86MW LM5000 CC Plant 2x35MW LM5000s  and 16MW  STG 60Hz. Brush Generators sets Model BDAX7-193ER, 47222 kVA, 13,8kV,   1975A,  YOM 1998. 065-1   Reduction Gearbox,   with a Brush Generator VFGMHW118-220-4,   18,190kVA,   13.

Every pressure piping system, commissioned in 1996 and shutdown 2004. 7MW GEC Alsthom Tornado Gas Turbine Generator Cogeneration Power Plant for Sale. Mechanical seals around the shaft are installed with a very small annular gap to avoid rubbing between the shaft and the seals. 4 wire 4 pole, one 100MW 501D5 GTG has been sold. The chief power engineer of a third or fourth class plant may, the main engines are being  used only as a peaking power plant and are very well maintained. Redundancy of key components is provided by installing duplicates of the forced and induced draft fans, stage steam turbine and a single feed water heater.

501D5 Combined Cycle Power Plant for sale. One 100MW 501D5 GTG has been sold. The plant can operate with 5 GTGs. 95MW Wartsila Natural Gas Engine Generator Cogen Plant  50Hz. This is a complete operating power plant for sale as-is, where-is. It consists of 12 Wartsila natural gas engines.

Click here for details and images. 32MW Biomass plant is for sale for continued operation or to be moved. 25 million and then operated until being shut down more than a year ago. The plant is in good condition and continuously maintained daily. All necessary permits and contracts can be put in place in a minimum amount of time.

140MW Wartsila   Compbined Cycle Power Plant   50Hz. Two identical 140MW Wartsila 13 x 10MW W20V34GS EGs. Each 140MW CCPP can be purchased separately. Each is nearly a complete power plant. Details and asking price furnished on request.

Click here for images and more details. 25 MW GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Generator Cogeneration Plant for Sale. Installed in 2000 has operated less than 1000 hours when shut down, dismantled,  match marked, and stored. The turbine was stored in pressurized nitrogen blanket.

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