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Claim your FREE tokens on Camsoda. 11 Etruscan Phrases showing Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns and vocabulary–translation of the Zagreb Mummy Script, Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis. Work notes on the Zagreb Mummy. The codes below the letters reflect relationships to other alphabets. I am now verifying the various Etruscan scripts against a new Glossary developed from Table 1, Etruscan-Indo-European Vocabulary. The Zagreb Mummy text is the longest extant Etruscan text.

For this reason it is the most important with regard to completion of a translation of the various Etruscan texts. At the beginning of my work on the Zagreb Mummy text I knew very little about the mummy and quite frankly preferred not to know lest it prejudice my working out the grammatical patterns, etc. My first study of the Zagreb text, because the texts I am working on are so hard to read, is now being corrected based upon findings in the Tavola Cortonensis preliminary translation. Underlines and letters with an underline are unreadable from my copy.

The images with which I have been working are very poor. The words are selected from the Etruscan_Phrases. About the Mummy I have learned a bit about the Zagreb Mummy from Dr. The linen wrapping of the mummy is called, “Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis”.

Mirnik the museum collaborated with Mrs. Mechthild Flury-Lemberg of the Abegg Foundation at Riggisberg nr. She reconstructed the Zagreb Book of Linen. When I learn other details about the mummy I will post them here. At the moment the less I know about the mummy the more objective this work will be. It was found in Egypt, according to the Zagreb Museum.

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Chiusi or the word for a four wheeled cart. Also Falarri, as in the Tavola Cortonensis, is mentioned frequently. This is a town up the Tiber from Rome. What is the forensic data as to any genetic links the mummy may have with the particular population where the body was interred?

This may be the only surviving corpse of the Etruscan Civilization. What do we know about it? How old was she when she died? What did the container in which she was preserved look like, etc.

Was it a sarcophagus of stone? In what kind of burial was it found? What were the artifacts which accompanied the mummy? Are there any peculiarities or anomalies between the embalming of known Egyptian mummies and this one? Does it show any characteristics which might share a common technique with a particular group of mummies? If it is, how is it that an Etruscan scribe wrote upon the linen? Would it have been written on in Italy and then shipped back to Egypt?

Was the linen one long piece of fabric when the scribe first wrote on it? And then was it torn into panels? Some of the panels appear to have the top half of a line of text and the panel which would have been directly below it seems to carry the bottom half of the line of text. When the Greeks, led by Alexander the Great, began the Hellenization of Egypt, mummies began to be found in coffins with Hellenistic designs, often with painted portraits of the deceased on the lids.

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