Even today in Bengali and Odia it is known as “Bongoposagor”. Many major Rivers of India flow west to east before draining into the Bay dossier de location pdf Bengal. The Ganga is the northernmost of these.

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Its main channel enters and flows through Bangladesh, where it is known as the Padma River, before joining the Meghna River. Meghna-Jamuna rivers deposit nearly 1000 million tons of sediment every year. The sediment from these three rivers form the Bengal Delta and the submarine fan, a vast structure that extends from Bangladesh to south of the Equator, is up to 16. Further southwest of Bangladesh, the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri Rivers also flow from west to east in South Asia and drain into the Bay of Bengal. River in Myanmar flows into the Andaman Sea of the Bay of Bengal and once had thick mangrove forests of its own. The islands in the bay are numerous, including the Andaman Islands, Nicobar and Mergui groups of India. The Cheduba group of islands, in the north-east, off the Burmese coast, are remarkable for a chain of mud volcanoes, which are occasionally active.

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