Please forward this error screen to 96. Certain power transmission and high performance positioning applications require more strength and stiffness than a welded belt can gates belts catalog pdf. Gates Mectrol offers two types of truly endless belts to meet these needs. Unique process provides the flexibility to have custom sized belts without expensive tooling.

Cast Belts – available up to 2250 mm. Produced on fixed molds and have a continuously wound steel or aramid cord. They are available in stock sizes with aramid as well as steel reinforcing cords. Available from stock in sizes listed. For belt lengths not listed, consult a Gates Mectrol applications engineer.

Synchronous drives employ the positive engagement of two sets of meshing teeth. Due to this design, they do not slip and there is no relative motion between the two elements in mesh. The positive nature of these drives makes them capable of transmitting large torques and withstanding large accelerations. Belt drives are particularly useful in applications where layout flexibility is important. They enable the designer to place components in more advantageous locations at larger distances without paying a price penalty.

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SI has built a reputation as the most comprehensive source for small power transmission components. SI carries a large inventory of single and double-sided timing belts in standard inch and metric widths. Belt stock in fiberglass reinforced neoprene and polyurethane reinforced with steel tensile cords are also available. If your requirement is a non-standard width, on-hand timing belt sleeves can be cut to your exact need, often overnight for fast turn-around. We supply hobbyists, students, distributors and a wide variety of OEMs with high-quality timing belts and pulleys at affordable prices. SI get the timing belt you need: 40 D.

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