For the Indian writer and mental calculator known as the human computer, see Shakuntala Devi. For other mental calculators, see Mental calculator. Since the end of the 20th century, the term “human computer” has also been applied to individuals with prodigious powers human computer interaction book pdf free download mental arithmetic, also known as mental calculators.

The approach was taken for astronomical and other complex calculations. For some men, being a computer was a temporary position until they moved on to greater advancements. For women the occupation was generally closed, with some exceptions such as Mary Edwards who worked from the 1780s to 1815 as one of thirty-five computers for the British Nautical Almanac used for navigation at sea. Florence Cushman was another of the Harvard University computers from 1888 onward.

Among her, best-known works were A Catalogue of 16,300 Stars Observed with the 12-inch Meridian Photometer. She also worked with Annie Jump Cannon. The Indian mathematician Radhanath Sikdar was employed as a “computer” for the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India in 1840. It was he who first identified and calculated the height of the world’s highest mountain, later called Mount Everest. Human computers were used to compile 18th and 19th century Western European mathematical tables, for example those for trigonometry and logarithms.

Human computers were used to predict the effects of building the Afsluitdijk in the Zuiderzee. The computer simulation was set up by Hendrik Lorentz. A visionary application to meteorology can be found in the scientific work of Lewis Fry Richardson who, in 1922, estimated that 64,000 humans could forecast the weather for the whole globe by solving the attending differential equations numerically. Around 1910 he had already used human computers to calculate the stresses inside a masonry dam. Human computers played integral roles in the World War II war effort in the United States, and because of the depletion of the male labor force due to the draft, many computers during World War II were women, frequently with degrees in mathematics.

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