Could a Low-Histamine Diet Be the Solution to Your Health Problems? Do la solution fodmap pdf suffer from any of the following?

MANY people have at least one of the problems listed above but might never suspect that the culprit could be right in front of their noses—on their dinner plates! These symptoms can all be caused by a tiny but powerful natural substance called histamine. Anybody can have Histamine Intolerance, but you are at higher risk if you eat a GAPS diet, low-carb diet, enjoy gourmet foods, or have been swept up in the current fermented foods fad, because histamine is found lurking primarily in aged, fermented, cured, cultured, and smoked foods. Foods like aged beef, ripe cheeses, salami, sauerkraut, red wine, and natto can all be quite high in histamine.

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Histamine Intolerance symptoms tend to appear very soon after eating a high-histamine food, typically within less than two hours. Symptoms typically disappear in a matter of hours and rarely last longer than 24 hours. Histamine Intolerance in a Nutshell Histamine is an important molecule used to regulate body functions, so it’s found naturally in our bodies in tiny amounts for good reason. The problem is that it is also found in aged foods. If you have healthy gut defenses, you can handle reasonable quantities of histamine in foods. However, more and more of us have compromised gastrointestinal systems and so have difficulty with even small quantities of natural food toxins like histamine. If you eat too much histamine or are sensitive to histamine, you can experience all kinds of annoying symptoms that most people wouldn’t think of as related to diet, including asthma, panic attacks, pre-menstrual cramps, and sleep disturbances.

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