String up the hammock, it’s time for a summer full of reading! You’ll find books about science and nature, picture book biographies, graphic novels, adventure stories, poetry, audio books, and much more. The age-leveled leveled poems for small group reading lessons pdf are ready to print and take to your local library or bookstore.

Browse through the 2017 summer lists online or download and print the PDF before you head out to the library or store. Observing birds and eating berries just may lead to a summertime exploration of colors and counting. Meet the yellow goldfinch, a pink flamingo, and other well and less familiar birds in brief text and realistic illustrations. One day a small black cat came to live with a big white cat.

The white cat taught the little one a great deal. One day, the big white cat now old, left and didn’t come back. Soon, however, a small white cat joined the black cat. Strong, simple lines illustrate this gentle tale which is sure to be interpreted in many ways by young children.

Ruby builds with her red blocks while Benji uses his blue blocks. An argument erupts when Benji tries to take one of the red blocks. Tugging and pulling makes a mixed up mess of blue and red blocks that creates cooperative construction! What will happen when Guy joins them with green blocks? Uncluttered illustrations and straightforward text present the recognizable tale. Flora places an empty bowl near a hen’s nest filled with eggs. One by one as the eggs hatch, Flora fills the bowl the yellow, orange, and even a brown chick.

Expressive illustrations on plain backgrounds and large numbers from 1 to 10 convey the story. The use of sturdy foldouts increases the delightful surprises as the chicks meet their new friend, Flora. Turn the sturdy half page to see the cozy nighttime cuddle. Deep hues and black lines present the prefect bedtime tale to relax young children.

Getting a new pup means getting a new friend but it also means getting to know each other. At first, the small brown and white dog is shy and kind of scared but that changes. Sometime dogs and kids are sloppy, smelly and noisy but it’s all worth it! Simple illustrations and straightforward text combine to present a warm story of friendship. Simple rhymes and colorful, flat illustrations introduce familiar farm animals and their sounds.

In addition, young readers are encouraged to count from 1 to 5. Die-cuts for each animal’s eyes add texture and interest before the last animal and number roundup. Familiar and some not-so-familiar nursery rhymes are presented in a child-sized, sturdy format illustrated in Well’s signature style. Charming bunnies, chicks, cats and other critters in old fashioned garb and settings enliven and freshen up the ditties. From 1 to 10 race cars with personalities line up to begin the race. Playful, rhyming text accompanies the colorful, angular illustrations. Stunning nature photographs of animals, amphibians, and insects and a brief text which encourages participation and thought continue the exploration.

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