Application Security Training The best web app pen-testing course open source fuzzing tools pdf the market! In the past, many popular websites have been hacked.

Hackers are now active and always try to hack websites and leak data. This is why security testing of web applications is very important. And here comes the role of web application security scanners. Various paid and free web application vulnerability scanners are available.

In this post, we are listing the best free open source web application vulnerability scanners. I am adding the tools in random order. So please do not think it is a ranking of tools. I am only adding open source tools which can be used to find security vulnerabilities in web applications. And do not confuse with free tools and open source tools.

Because there are various other tools available for free, but they do not provide source code to other developers. Open source tools are those which offer source codes to developers so that developers can modify the tool or help in further development. Grabber is a nice web application scanner which can detect many security vulnerabilities in web applications. It performs scans and tells where the vulnerability exists. It is not fast as compared to other security scanners, but it is simple and portable. This should be used only to test small web applications because it takes too much time to scan large applications.

This tool does not offer any GUI interface. It also cannot create any PDF report. This tool was designed to be simple and for personal use. You can try this tool just for personal use. If you are thinking of it for professional use, I will never recommend it. This tool was developed in Python.

And an executable version is also available if you want. Source code is available, so you can modify it according your needs. Vega is another free open source web vulnerability scanner and testing platform. With this tool, you can perform security testing of a web application.

This tool is written in Java and offers a GUI based environment. It is available for OS X, Linux and Windows. It can be used to find SQL injection, header injection, directory listing, shell injection, cross site scripting, file inclusion and other web application vulnerabilities. While working with the tool, it lets you set a few preferences like total number of path descendants, number of child paths of a node, depth and maximum number of request per second. You can use Vega Scanner, Vega Proxy, Proxy Scanner and also Scanner with credentials. Zed Attack Proxy is also known as ZAP. This tool is open source and is developed by AWASP.

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It can be used to find a wide range of vulnerabilities in web applications. The tool is very simple and easy to use. Even if you are new to penetration testing, you can easily use this tool to start learning penetration testing of web applications. You can either use this tool as a scanner by inputting the URL to perform scanning, or you can use this tool as an intercepting proxy to manually perform tests on specific pages.

Wapiti is also a nice web vulnerability scanner which lets you audit the security of your web applications. It performs black-box testing by scanning web pages and injecting data. It tries to inject payloads and see if a script is vulnerable. It supports both GET and POSTHTTP attacks and detects multiple vulnerabilities. So, it may not be easy for beginners. But for experts, it will perform well.

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