CANON POWERSHOT Powershot sx60 hs manual pdf HS on manualslib. Page 2 Before use, make sure t he following items are included inthe package.

Ifanything ismissing, contact your camera dealer. Page 3 Take and review some test shots initially to make sure the images were recorded correctly. Page 6: Table Of Contents Package Contents 3 Smart Auto Mode . 2 Shooting in Smart Auto Mode .

54 Preliminary Notes and Legal Information . Page 7 Contents Playback Mode . 151 Editing Face ID Information . Protecting Images Erasing Images Rotating Images image Categories Editing Still images . On a TV On a computer . Page 10: Safety Precautions If liquids or foreign objects come into contact with the camera interior, immediately turn the camera off and remove the battery.

If the battery charger becomes wet, unplug it from the outlet and consult your camera distributor or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Page 11 Safety Precautions Use only the recommended battery. Do not place the battery near or in direct flame. Unplug the power cord periodically, and using a dry cloth, wipe away any dust and dirt that has collected on the plug, the exterior of the power outlet, and the surrounding area.

Page 12 Safety Precautions Viewing images on the camera screen for prolonged periods may cause discomfort. Doing so may damage the image sensor. Page 13 Safety Precautions When putting the camera in your bag, ensure that hard objects do not come into contact with the screen. Do not attach any hard objects to the camera. Doing so may cause malfunctions or damage the screen. Page 14 Prepare for shooting as follows.

Convenient Features When you specify multiple shots, page 55 Shooting in Smart Auto Mode Shoot. Move the zoom lever to choose the _1′ tab. Or not easily detected, the current image is now erased. ROM bundled with your camera, page 72: Flash Using Face Continue registering face information. Page 60 Shooting in Smart Auto Mode The background color of _, page 56: Shooting In Smart Auto Mode Shooting in Smart Auto Mode . When you turn off the camera, page 20 Initial Preparations The display language can be changed as needed.

Place the strap around your wrist. Page 15: Initial Preparations Initial Preparations Charge the battery. 2LYE: Plug the power cord into the CB-2LY charger, then plug the other end into a power outlet. Page 16 Initial Preparations Open the cover.

While pressing the battery lock in the facing as shown and push it in until it clicks into the locked position. Page 17 Initial Preparations and Memory Card Removing the Battery Remove the battery. Open the cover and press the battery lock in the direction of the arrow. Push the memory card in until it clicks, then slowly release The memory card will pop up. Page 18 Initial Preparations Set the local time zone.

Page 19 Initial Preparations Choose . Move the zoom lever to choose the _1′ tab. Press the button to close the menu. Page 20 Initial Preparations The display language can be changed as needed. I i ii iii ill i! Page 22: Trying The Camera Out Trying the Camera Out Shoot. Press the shutter button lightly, halfway down.

The camera beeps twice after . L_ focusing, and AF frames are displayed indicate image areas in focus. The flash automatically rises in low-light conditions. Page 23 Trying the Camera Elapsed Time Black bars displayed on the top and bottom edges of the screen indicate image areas not recorded.

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