Surely, homeopathy must be free of adverse-effects! The typically highly diluted remedies contain no active molecules systematic cause analysis technique pdf therefore they cannot possibly cause any harm whatsoever.

One could even go one step further and argue that the generally acknowledged absence of side-effects made homeopathy as popular as it is today. We conducted searches in 5 electronic databases and also looked through our own, extensive files on homeopathy. This resulted in 38 primary reports of adverse effects associated with the use of homeopathy. So, how can a therapy that usually relies on nothing more than placebos cause harm? Many of the patients that experienced harm did so because the use of homeopathy meant that effective treatments were given too late or not at all. In other cases, adverse effects can occur when remedies are not highly diluted. Most but not all homeopathic remedies are devoid of active molecules.

81 Responses to The risks of homeopathy? This study I read last week. It strikes me that focuses on the collateral damage to patients and has the same agenda as the site holds Whats the harm? 10:23 campaign is irrational and was a lie.

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