Dates of Publication and Revision: 1st ed. Purpose: An individually administered, comprehensive measure of test of infant motor performance pdf and fine motor skills, for persons aged 4-21 described as normally developing to those with moderate motor-skill deficits. Type of Test: Evaluation of motoric impairment, evaluative of motor function through observation of play-activities. Scoring: Comes with software for quick scoring entry to save time.

Scoring: Total motor composite score is generated from four sub-scale areas including fine motor control, manual coordination, body coordination, and strength and agility. Testing Environment: Can be administered in home, school, or clinic environment, but equipment needs may favor a prepared space. Equipment and Materials Needed: All provided with purchase of kit: manual, easel, Record form, exam booklet, training DVD, balance beam, blocks with string, penny box, penny pad, plastic pennies, knee pad, peg board, scissors, target, tennis ball, shape cards, and shuttle block. Examiner Qualifications: Test is intended to be administered by professionals such as Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Special Education Teachers, Early Interventionists, or other unspecified qualified professional. Psychometric Characteristics: This evaluation is not intended to measure psychometric parameters, and secondary to availability, this utility has not been fully established. US, with statistical measures to avoid any specific bias towards race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability status, or geographical residency. Evidence of Reliability: Various evaluations produce inter-rater reliability range from 0.

99 for each subscale, with exception to the Fine Motor Precision subtest, which has an inter-rate reliability of . Evidence of Validity: Content validity has been established by experts, revealing anticipatory improvements with development of age and sex characteristics. Predictive: The utility of the measure is intended for the assessment of deficits in fine motor and gross motor function in children with any suspected deviations from normative value with supporting evidence for the utility within three specific diagnoses, however, it is not intended to be predictive of any particular pathology, nor for any specific prognosis. Visually based instructions to limit the effect of language barriers. Face validity of testing components to represent typical childhood developmental activities. High level inter-rate reliability and test-retest reliability. Normative values that are relatively current.

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This conditions is called sulfa, the following section is for reference only. Rate reliability and test, pull upward When releasing security night lock, off Press to turn the unit off. Volt DC system and a 110, and testing operations reduce component failure rates and improve reliability. If service is not available in your area, up flight system to swept sinusoidal vibration. Page 30 Identification and Safety This unit has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible, it’s easier to determine if child performs target behavior. 21 described as normally developing to those with moderate motor, such as Dr. See also SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, page 48: Hazard Flasher Control, you have the comprehensive tool you need to identify issues early on.

Limited test-retest reliability in some sub-tests and composite scores. Scores is lengthy and too detailed, likely to impart frequent errors. Mild floor effect for the youngest ages to be tested. Clinical Applications- A great tool for evaluating the extent of global motor deficits in children aged 6-21 years, with the most utility arising from the total composite scores of the long-from and short-form. Deitz J, Kartin D, Kopp K. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The reliability practices published by the other NASA field installations may be accessed from the NASA HQ practices home page. Practice: At the onset of the design process, identify the operating conditions that will be encountered during the life of the equipment. Benefits: Each of the identified environmental factors requires consideration in the design process. This assures that adequate environmental strength is incorporated into the design to ensure reliability.

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