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Site by mono, design by DFD. By clicking Download, you agree to the above terms. World Happiness Report 2017 The first World Happiness Report was published in April, 2012, in support of the UN High Level Meeting on happiness and well-being. Since then the world has come a long way. Increasingly, happiness is considered to be the proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy. Norway tops the global happiness rankings for 2017 Norway has jumped from 4th place in 2016 to 1st place this year, followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland in a tightly packed bunch.

All of the top four countries rank highly on all the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. This can be seen by comparing the life experiences between the top and bottom ten countries in this year’s happiness rankings. Income differences matter more in poorer countries, but even their mental illness is a major source of misery. Unemployment causes a major fall in happiness, and even for those in work the quality of work can cause major variations in happiness. People in China are no happier than 25 years ago Our China chapter is led by Richard A. Easterlin, who pioneered the economics of happiness more than 40 years ago. It contrasts the sharply growing per capita income in China over the past 25 years with life evaluations that fell steadily from 1990 till about 2005, recovering since then to about the 1990 levels.

Much of Africa is struggling The Africa chapter, led by Valerie Møller, tells a much more diverse story, as fits the African reality with its great number and vast range of experiences. Happiness has fallen in America The USA is a story of reduced happiness. Nordic countries do so much better. This publication may be reproduced using the following reference: Helliwell, J.

World Happiness Report 2017, New York: Sustainable Development Solutions Network. World Happiness Report management by Sharon Paculor. Copy editing by Mariam Gulaid, Saloni Jain and Louise Doucette. Design by John Stislow and Stephanie Stislow. Growth and Happiness in China, 1990-2015 This chapter studies subjective well-being in China as its GDP multiplied over five-fold during the past quarter century. Waiting for Happiness’ in Africa This chapter explores the reasons why African countries generally lag behind the rest of the world in their evaluations of life.

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The Key Determinants of Happiness and Misery The chapter helps policy-makers better understand the causes of happiness and misery. Restoring American Happiness This chapter explains that falling American happiness is due primarily to social rather than to economic causes. It promotes solutions initiatives that demonstrate the potential of technical and business innovation to support sustainable development. The GHC identifies best practices at the national and local levels to encourage advancement of the causes of happiness and well-being. The World Happiness Report was written by a group of independent experts acting in their personal capacities. Any views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization, agency or program of the United Nations.

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