The Reason Foundation is an American libertarian think tank founded in 1978. Reason Foundation cofounder Robert Poole is an MIT-trained engineer the reason i jump full pdf the author of Cutting Back City Hall. The book provided the intellectual support for Margaret Thatcher’s privatization efforts in the United Kingdom. Robert Poole founded Reason Foundation and served as its president from 1978 to 2001.

The foundation is an associate member of the State Policy Network, a U. Its largest donors were, as of 2012, the David H. In 2013, the independent rating group Charity Navigator rated the foundation four out of four stars. Reason Foundation publishes the Annual Privatization Report, which reports on news and trends in U. Privatization Watch is another of the Foundation’s privatization publications that is published three to four times per year.

Innovators in Action is an annual publication that advocates shrinking the size and scope of government, usually through privatization. Reason Foundation’s Annual Highway Report ranks each state’s transportation system on cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Reason Foundation’s primary publication is the magazine Reason, which began publishing in 1968 by Lanny Friedlander, and was originally an infrequently published mimeographed magazine. In 1970, Robert Poole purchased Reason with Manuel S. Machan, who set the magazine on a more regular publication schedule. Reason and Reason Online are editorially independent publications of Reason Foundation.

Reason magazine won three Los Angeles Press Club awards in 2008. Reason Foundation cofounder Robert Poole “is credited as the first person to use the term “privatization” to refer to the contracting-out of public services and is the author of the first-ever book on municipal privatization, Cutting Back City Hall, published by Universe Books in 1980. Leonard Gilroy, Reason Foundation’s Director of Government Reform, describes privatization as “a strategy to lower the costs of government and achieve higher performance and better outcomes for tax dollars spent. Reason is engaged in several transportation policy endeavors. Reason Foundation cofounder Robert Poole serves as the Director of Transportation Policy. According to the New York Times, “For 17 years, Mr. Poole has been the chief theorist for private solutions to gridlock.

His ideas are now embraced by officials from Sacramento to Washington. The Galvin Mobility Project has led to the production of studies on the causes of congestion, such as the book “Mobility First: A New Vision for Transportation in a Globally Competitive Twenty-First Century” by Reason Foundation’s Director of Urban Growth and Land Use Policy, Sam Staley. Reason’s Director of Education and Child Welfare Lisa Snell authored a study in 2009 entitled Weighted Student Formula Yearbook 2009, which examined school districts using student-based “backpack funding. 5 million borrowed to launch the project, most of which still needs to be paid back. In 2005, Reason magazine’s science writer Ronald Bailey wrote a column declaring that climate change is both real and man-made. He wrote, “Anyone still holding onto the idea that there is no global warming ought to hang it up. In the article Bailey explains how and why he changed his mind on climate change.

The Reason Foundation has been critical of the cost of the war in Iraq. Reason magazine’s May 2008 cover story “Trillion Dollar War” discussed what it viewed as the dubious ways in which the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have been funded by Congress and the Bush administration. Comedian and The Price Is Right host Drew Carey serves on the Board of Trustees at Reason Foundation. Reason TV produced a full-length documentary entitled Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey applying success stories from around the United States to “save Cleveland. The documentary was awarded “Best Advocacy Journalism” at the 53rd Annual Southern California Journalism Awards by the Los Angeles Press Club. Reason Foundation and a bipartisan group of over thirty other organizations asked all of the 2008 U.

Reason Foundation’s Vice-President of Research Adrian Moore said of the oath, “The next president should be committed to transparency and accountability. Redesigning the federal government so that it is more accountable to taxpayers is a nonpartisan issue. Transparency will help produce a government focused on results instead of our current system, which is plagued by secrecy, wasteful spending and pork projects. Then-Senator Barack Obama echoed those sentiments saying, “Every American has the right to know how the government spends their tax dollars, but for too long that information has been largely hidden from public view. This historic law will lift the veil of secrecy in Washington and ensure that our government is transparent and accountable to the American people. The Coming of Age for the Reason Foundation: Libertarian Think Tank Is Relocating Here in Bid for a Higher Profile and Greater Clout”. How Broccoli Landed on Supreme Court Menu”.

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