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FPGA code, used to communicate with component’s digital interface. The LVDT is a highly reliable sensor because the magnetic core can move without friction and does not touch the inside of the tube. Therefore, LVDTs are suitable for flight control feedback systems, position feedback in servomechanisms, automated measurement in machine tools, and many other industrial and scientific electromechanical applications where long term reliability is important. This circuit uses the AD698 LVDT signal conditioner that contains a sine wave oscillator and a power amplifier to generate the excitation signals that drive the primary side of the LVDT.

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The AD698 also converts the secondary output into a dc voltage. This circuit note discusses basic LVDT theory of operation and the design steps used to optimize the circuit shown in Figure 1 for a chosen bandwidth, including noise analysis and component selection considerations. Instead, it relies on electromagnetic coupling. E Series is suitable for most applications with moderate operation temperature environments. The AD698 is a complete, LVDT signal conditioning subsystem. It converts the transducer mechanical position of LVDTs to a unipolar dc voltage with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. All circuit functions are included on the chip.

With the addition of a few external passives components to set frequency and gain, the AD698 converts the raw LVDT secondary output to a scaled dc signal. The AD698 contains a low distortion sine wave oscillator to drive the LVDT primary. The LVDT secondary output consists of two sine waves that drive the AD698 directly. A common problem with earlier solutions was that any drift in the amplitude of the drive oscillator corresponded directly to a gain error in the output. The block diagram of the AD698 is depicted Figure 2.

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